Our Story

The future of networking is just around the corner with Swizio.

Swizio has originated from the idea of smart contactless networking in the era of Covid-19. We value the safety of our customer and the environment therefore, it was our goal to develop a business card that would help replace wasteful paper business cards with a more reliable, secure, long lasting and environmentally friendly solution.

Our vision is to become a leader in this space by providing our customers with an ultimate solution for lead generation and smarter networking.

Our mission is to raise the bar of the customer experience by proving them that contactless networking is the future of lead generation. We go beyond being a tech company by having a direct impact on climate change as with Swizio you as the customer help us plant a tree with each paid purchase and tackle deforestation around the world.

Our values are passion for invention. We strive to give our employees resources to create and invent by providing them with an opportunity to call their workplace - home.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Our goal is to contribute to reforestation and prevent deforestation at the same time. Stopping deforestation and restoring forests could even provide as much as 30% of the solution to solving climate change.

What makes us unique as an organisation, is that we think beyond the positive direct impact we have on the environment, we maximise our dedication to reforestation by partnering up with a non-profit organisation One Tree Planted.

Once dedicated to reforestation, you as an organisation will join us and many other businesses already working towards a greener future. The paperless office does not only mean reduction of printing and utilisation of paper for work, it also acknowledges the impact that the creation of paper business cards has on the environment.

Human Rights Responsibility

Young people are our future, and today’s generation are facing environmental concerns that threaten their ability to progress and potentially enjoy their future. Having the privilege to grow up in a developed area, having access to education and being able to dream is not accessible to all. Working in innovative ways with non-profit organisations, and civil society, we are designing and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for future generations. Saving our forests is one way to contribute to fresh air our children have the right to breathe.

We seek to develop and grow leaders in our workplace, through professional skills development, management training and education, and mentoring programs.

Environmental responsibility
Environmental responsibility

Philanthropic Responsibility

It is our duty to educate our potential customers about the impact they are making when purchasing a contactless smart card rather than invests in hundreds of paper business cards for its employees.

Education is a crucial component of understanding and being able to value the environment surrounding us, including forests that each and everyone one of us needs to care for. Being educated means gathering all the facts before making a decision. We hope that the facts we are providing you with will help you know how to make the right decision and choose to partner up with an organisation that prioritises sustainability.

Economic Responsibility

We work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sourcing sustainable materials, and partnering with responsible suppliers only.

We invest our resources into training our fellow colleagues on the sustaining the environment and share what the organization is doing to help conserve resources. The challenge to sustain the environment can be overwhelming, but if choose to work alongside each other and become the backbone of reforestation and reduction of carbon footprint, we can become the next generation influencers. To achieve that, we work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sourcing sustainable materials, and partnering with responsible suppliers only.

Environmental responsibility

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