Manage your smart devices & network

With our user friendly, secure application, users can manage their Swizio smart devices, switch profiles, lock & unlock, manage network & more.

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Our mobile app makes it easy for you to manage all networking aspects!

With the Swizio app, you can manage your smart devices (from switching the destination on the go to locking and unlocking your device).

You can manage your entire network in one place (everyone who has connected with you) - view incoming/outgoing requests, along with the contact information of your leads. The app also makes it easier to transition from one profile to another depending on what job position you are willing to reveal when connecting.


Manage Smart Devices

Easily manage your smart devices within the app. Switch destinations, profiles, lock and unlock, & more.


Manage Profiles

Create and update your profiles, for each role. Choose what to share, from email to social profiles.


Manage Your Network

All your network and leads in one place. Track down your network. View profiles, add notes & more.

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