Are NFC Business Cards Worth It?

by Swizio HQ (2 years ago)

Whether launching your very own startup or years ahead in a corporate career, networking will always be an important aspect as knowing the right person helps in every way. Traditionally, networking and exchanging contacts occurs with the help of business cards. In recent years, paper business cards became outdated. And lately, more and more people are opting for the smarter choice: NFC business cards. But are NFC business cards worth it? 

Short answer: Yes, NFC business cards are completely worth it. Not only do they allow you to go paperless, but they are also frictionless to use. Your prospect just needs to tap your card (or tag) with their phone, and you will be added as a contact. The smart card/tag can also direct your recipient to any URL destination (such as a lead generation page).

That is of course a brief overview. Let’s look into the world of NFC business cards in detail. In the end, you will quickly realise just how helpful an NFC business card can be for you and your networking needs. 

Are NFC Business Cards Worth It? 

Before we can truly answer this question, we have to ask ourselves if there is any use in paper business cards? Are those still in demand? The answer is, with some hesitation, yes. Just like we mentioned before, networking, no matter what field of work you are in, is very important, and paper business cards still somewhat achieve this goal, with limitations. And it is the limitations of a paper business card that make an NFC business card so desirable. 

So, why choose NFC business cards?

First impressions matter. And that is where NFC business cards shine. They can help you differentiate yourself from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. Using an NFC business card is convenient, and not to mention, it looks great! The best part is that the same technology also comes in different form factors, an example of this is Smart Tags (stickers that can be attached on the back of your phone).

People receive a lot of business cards. Most of them will end up in their drawer somewhere or a corner of their wallet – never to be touched again. Statistics show that 88% of paper business cards are thrown away within the first week. With Swizio, you only need one card. No more handing out paper business cards. 

Your details changed? Doesn't matter. With smart business cards, you don't need to re-print or re-order hundreds of cards. All details can be updated instantly. You can also lock and unlock your card within seconds. So, the next time your card is tapped, the updated information will show. Also, Swizio allows you to generate multiple profiles, helping you to share the right information with the right person.

Take all the reasons for having a business card and add convenience and ease to the mix. Voila! That is what Swizio business cards give you. 

There are many other reasons why it is completely worth it to have an NFC business card in today's modern and fast-paced world:

They're Super Convenient 

This is perhaps one of the most important factors. As we mentioned earlier, people get business cards handed to them all the time. If your card is easier to work with and hassle-free, then you are at an advantage. 

Especially when people have busy lives, they want to get something done with the least possible friction. And NFC business cards allow for that. Like our Swizio business cards, which can share all of your contact information with the recipient with nothing more than just a tap. 

Your Information Is Always Up-To-Date

Since you can update the information on the cards through an app and web platform, your contact details will always be valid. This means that once you order a well-designed card, you can essentially use it for a lifetime!

Say you changed your location or contact details. With traditional paper business cards, you will need to reprint them. And paper business cards are usually printed in large quantities. And guess what? That costs money. At least, if you are doing high-quality prints. Financial costs aside, paper business cards can also be quite costly to the environment.

This means, no more need to re-print physical cards - saving you money and time instantly from the point of purchase.

P.S With Swizio, you can customise your physical card upon purchase. Additionally, if you operate a business with more than 10 employees, you can order a custom-branded business card, with your logo and brand guidelines, at a discounted rate.

You Are Added As A Contact Instantly 

Imagine this, you get a business card. And now you need to save the person's phone number or email on your device. Doing this manually will take time and at times the numbers or the name you type may have errors in them. 

The same is true for the prospect you share your business card with. With the Swizio NFC business card, you are instantly added as a contact. The prospect just needs to tap their phone on your card (or tag) and it's done! Super easy and convenient. You can share all your relevant details with just one tap. 

P.S Swizio allows you to network with other users on and off the platform. On your Swizio Profile, visitors can leave their contact details and you can add other Swizio profiles to your network also. This allows you to generate leads in real-time. Do you know what's even better? Say the other user update's their contact details, Swizio automatically notifies you of this.

Display Whatever You Want 

Then there is the ability to display whatever type of information you want or redirect to any URL. If you are a designer or developer, you may want to redirect users to your portfolio. It looks professional and makes them feel like you know what you are doing.

Most of our customers redirect their cards to a Swizio Profile, which displays all of their information in a stunning, compact way. 


Lastly, NFC business cards allow you to go paperless. No paper means no trees being cut down and you're no longer contributing to deforestation. For any environmentally conscious individual or entity, this should be a top priority. At Swizio, we plant a tree with every order. 

Wrapping Up 

Are NFC business cards worth it? You should be able to tell by now that they most definitely are. They are a convenient way to do all the things a paper business card is meant to do in the first place and more, in a much more smart and efficient manner. 

The possibilities with an NFC business card are endless. We at Swizio make some of the most user-friendly and smart NFC business cards around. They are packed with features and most importantly do not require an app to use. Swizio smart cards & tags are also compatible with all devices. Having said that, it's important to note that not all NFC business cards are the same. All features discussed in this article are available with Swizio products.

Our products work with your phone’s browser. And you do not need to deal with any pesky subscriptions either. All of our products are available for just a one-time fee

“Exchanging contacts has never been that efficient. It only took one second and my coworkers had access to my contact information.”


Dunja Sikandary

Human Resources, Mercedes-AMG GmbH

“Using the Swizio smart card, not only are we reducing our carbon footprint but also helping to preserve the environment.”

Baker Hughes

Nadeem Tariq Mahmood

Lead Customer Manager, Baker Hughes

“Getting to know influential entrepreneurs at Conferences and making a great first impression became easier with the Swizio card.”


Alan Arizpe

Business Intelligence Data Analyst, Amazon UK