Importance Of CSR & Our Contribution

by Swizio HQ (2 years ago)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to business strategies that value society. Corporate scandals and lack of confidence in our largest institutions mean that CSR now matters more than ever. Encroaching on CSR are concepts such as corporate sustainability and corporate citizenship, and older concerns with business ethics, business in society and the ethical corporation. 

Today, enterprises are increasingly contributing to the progressive degradation of existing ecosystems by emitting huge amounts of hazardous pollutants and excessive use of available natural resources, causing a serious threat to our planet’s biodiversity. Hence, there is a need to take varied measures to stop the degradation of the environment by human activity. 

Initiatives aimed at mere neutralisation of produced pollutants are no longer sufficient. It is necessary to search for solutions to reduce the environmental burden of business activity at all phases of the production process, from the designing stage and production planning to every stage of the manufacturing process. 

SWIZIO is an answer to the reduction of carbon footprint, elimination of deforestation and reduction of enormous amounts of energy and water as well as air pollution and waste creation. Our eco-friendly smart card replaces traditional paper business cards, in turn, it contributes to carbon offsetting and reforestation. SWIZIO as an organisation strives to encourage businesses to adopt paperless office solutions, therefore serves the purpose of helping organisations reach their CSR! 

“Exchanging contacts has never been that efficient. It only took one second and my coworkers had access to my contact information.”


Dunja Sikandary

Human Resources, Mercedes-AMG GmbH

“Using the Swizio smart card, not only are we reducing our carbon footprint but also helping to preserve the environment.”

Baker Hughes

Nadeem Tariq Mahmood

Lead Customer Manager, Baker Hughes

“Getting to know influential entrepreneurs at Conferences and making a great first impression became easier with the Swizio card.”


Alan Arizpe

Business Intelligence Data Analyst, Amazon UK